Halos - A book about making good choices, for kids and wise adults

There's a way we can be filled with confidence and kindness. It can heal our misdirected thinking and help us creatively confront challenging situations. Halos will show you how.


Halos is a wordless book that uses stick figure drawings to convey a simple uplifting message. Everyone can understand and benefit from it, no matter what language they speak.

Young and old audiences from all cultures and languages will understand the universally empowering message revealed in Halos. Created by a father/daughter team, it was a labor of love that is uplifting, inspiring, and helpful. Use what you learn every day to live a happier life. 
Give it as a gift, keep it on your coffee table, share it with those you love. Read it and smile, share it and spread smiles.


Read what people are saying about Halos . . . 
"[Halos] takes the saying, 'a picture is worth a thousand words' to an entirely new level. I shared my copy with some friends and strangers the first night I got it, and their reactions were all similar. Each closed the book, smiled, and smiled some more. Halos is a ‘one of a kind’ that should be shared with all mankind."
— Courtney Mudd
"I loved the simplicity, the subtle persuasion, the ease of sudden understanding without words, and the transfer of love through simple art. It's a thinking person's guide to the peace within. And now I, too, have a halo. Thank you, and your daughter. Well done."
– Best selling author and speaker, Joe Vitale
"Halos is a totally charming and unique book that will teach a priceless life lesson no matter what your age or even what language you speak! ENJOY!"
– Vic Conant, Chairman, Nightingale Conant