Great Life Mentor: Andrew Carnegie

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What is a mentor? A mentor is someone who has achieved success and is will to share their own life-lessons with people interested in becoming successful themselves.

Great Life Mentors offers courses, many of them free, from some of the greatest personal and professional development teachers who ever lived. 

Andrew Carnegie is a perfect example of a Great Life Mentor.

Mr. Carnegie created an unusual "will" that gifted everything you need to reach the highest levels of accomplishment possible.

He started with nothing… and amassed a fortune that is almost unparalleled in history.

He achieved this not by chance, luck, or connection but by faithfully following a set of simple but critically important guidelines that still hold true today.

Along the way, he realized something incredible: Most people are inherently born with what it takes to reap tremendous wealth and prosperity. They are only missing a few simple guidelines . . .  guidelines that can propel you forward, while helping you avoid life's sometimes crippling pitfalls.

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