Gary Chappell Biography


His name does not show up in the headline news. He’s not considered a guru. Yet, not many people on the planet have touched the lives of so many  human beings. His efforts have helped give birth to countless spiritual, self-help, and financial gurus.

Chappell has a knack for identifying “diamonds in the rough,” polishing them up, and putting them on the center stage to change people’s lives for good.

An endorsement with this man is considered the pinnacle of success by many up-and-coming gurus. He has worked with Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Joe Vitale, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Robert Kiosaki, Earl Nightingale, and countless others in the self-help and personal development fields. Many can trace their quantum leaps to the day they connected with this man. 

His name is Gary Chappell and he is the recently retired CEO of Nightingale-Conant. Founded in 1960, it is known as the world’s most respected publisher of self-help and career-building information in the form of CDs, videos, and digital downloads.

 “We target commuters and people who can use their downtime to educate themselves to further their career,” Chappell said. “We teach people critical success skills they don’t learn in universities.”

Retiring isn’t in Chappell’s DNA. As he says it, "Why would anyone ever quit changing lives for the better?"

Since he began working with The Napoleon Hill Foundation, he feels his greatest opportunity to help others lies ahead. Chappell learned that almost all the authors he has worked with referred back to Napoleon Hill and his remarkable body of work. Now you can experience that same work on, in Napoleon Hill's own words. is dedicated to sharing life-changing content with driven individuals world-wide. Our easy to access and use information was created to provide step-by-step methods for personal and professional enrichment.
If your desire is to have wealth, prosperity, with a strong sense of accomplishment and contribution in your life, then I am here to help you benefit from the life-changing content that was started by Andrew Carnegie and finished by Napoleon Hill.
Gary Chappell
Former CEO/Nightingale-Conant