How to become the person others want to help

We have a fondness and appreciation for those who have a natural and relaxed connection with everyone they engage.
When we meet this kind of person we feel love emanating from them.
These are the people who earn our respect and admiration. They are positive examples and make us want to become more like them.
And herein could very well lie the secret to healing ourselves and our world.
Here’s how:
Bring love into every moment. We are not used to thinking this way, so it takes some practice but the rewards are worth it.
When you bring love into every moment, you demonstrate a positive influencing power that others are grateful for and they, in turn, are inspired to
pass along to others.
When you are fully aware of the moment, you are certainly not thinking about the pains of the past, nor fears of the future. You are focused on the here and now.
Present awareness is where creativity comes from. It’s where inspiration and problem solving happen. It’s your best insurance for a positive future.
It forces us to focus on whatever is happening right now.
Bring love and learn to keep fear thoughts from breaking that flow of love.
Love and hate are similar to flowing water and stone. Water eventually wears down stone.
Become a person who consistently spreads love and you can change the world. It’s the medicine our world needs.