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Claim the LIFE-ALTERING GIFT “willed” to you by one of the most successful industrialists in history

Before he died, this legendary figure created an unusual "will" that gifted everything a person would need to reach the highest levels of accomplishment possible.

The beneficiaries of this will included everyone worldwide, so that his legacy could be passed from generation to generation.

Yet he knew that only a rare few would take advantage of it.

I honestly believe that

YOU are one such individual.

To receive your share of this extraordinary gift, please read on…

Dear Friend,

He started with nothing… and amassed a fortune that is almost unparalleled in history.

He achieved this not through chance, luck, or connections… but by faithfully following a set of simple but critically important guidelines.

And along the way, he realized something incredible. Something that would change the course of his life and, ultimately, millions of others' lives.  

What he realized is this: Most people are inherently born with what it takes to reap tremendous wealth and prosperity. All they're missing are the simple guidelines he himself followed. Ones that propel you forward, while helping you avoiding life's sometimes crippling pitfalls.

This great man saw that these "universal laws of success" were followed by all the exceptional people of his day.

Yet he also believed that if an ordinary person could learn and follow these laws, he or she would also inevitably become wealthy and live a rich and rewarding life — even someone starting from scratch, with no connections, no superior education, and no money to invest (as had been the case for him).

So he made it his life's mission to get them into the hands of as many people as possible. And today, they've arrived at your door.

There's no doubt they will "work" for you. That's guaranteed.

The only real question is…

Will you accept them?

Hello, I'm Gary Chappell, World Ambassador for the Napoleon Hill Foundation, and I happen to believe you are among those rare few who have not just the inherent ability, but also the conscious drive it takes to become remarkably successful.


Because I know you are a seeker.

You wouldn't have received this report if you didn't proactively seek information that can improve the quality of your life. Your specialness puts you in a unique position to accomplish great things in life… to create tremendous abundance for yourself and those you love and care for.

There is an unlimited amount of wealth and abundance out there in the world. Neither your background, your education, nor your current status can keep you from claiming your natural born right to it, IF you simply take the right steps.

Few people believed in the right to be rich as deeply — or did as much to advance and spread this belief — as the legendary industrialist, magnate, and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, the remarkable man I spoke of above.

While you may be intimately familiar with part of Carnegie's story, I'm pretty sure you're not familiar with all of what I have to share with you in this report. You'll have to read it all to understand just what I mean…

Having gone from rags to riches himself, Carnegie was determined to pass along his legacy in the form of a process anyone could follow. So he set out to create a system anyone could use to create his or her own genuine success story.

One fateful day, he challenged a young reporter named Napoleon Hill to help redefine who had access to the great riches of the world.

He tasked Hill with identifying the specifics of the universal laws of success by interviewing the wealthiest people of the day — most of whom were once poor and became rich entirely of their own doing — to determine exactly how an average person could go from nothing to making a fortune.

This would be his legacy. His "will" to humankind.

From nothing to making a fortune. That's a key phrase, one you need to understand to help you on your journey to greater prosperity.

The outcome of Napoleon Hill's 20-year study was the well-known bestseller Think and Grow Rich.

What's not so well-known is what followed that great work.

Not long before his death in 1970, Napoleon Hill completed a final project that was the culmination of everything he had been tasked by Andrew Carnegie.

This seminal work is an accumulation of all Napoleon had learned. It is called Your Right to Be Rich.

It contains the most effective and powerful system ever developed by Napoleon Hill on how to achieve wealth and abundance and is, without question, one of the most important works in the history of personal achievement.

Hill structured Your Right to Be Rich as a fully interactive step-by-step system designed to easily open any door, meet any challenge, overcome any obstacle, and join the ranks of the rich. Follow in the footsteps of some of smartest and most accomplished people in history and you'll end up where they did: flush with achievement, wealth and prosperity.

And it all revolves around the raw and remarkable power of thought.

     The ultimate system for gaining everything you want

Napoleon Hill believed that directing and controlling your thoughts is the starting point of all achievement. To reach the pinnacle of success, you must focus on your target like a laser and direct every conscious and unconscious resource within you toward your goal.

When you do this, the results are miraculous. Such control allowed Albert Einstein to discover E=MC2. It allowed Mother Teresa to expand from a single mission to relieve the suffering of the poor to more than 200 mission sites around the world. It allowed Bill Gates to go from a college dropout to the owner of the largest software company in the world and one of the richest men of the modern age.

Those individuals may seem bigger than life, but the fact is, they started out like everyone else. What set them apart is the extraordinary amount of control they exerted over their own thoughts.

They're not alone. Using Hill's method:

  • Eric Voth built a $12 million ambulance company (P&S Ambulance)
  • Hugh Marshall started HRM Enterprises and made over $120 million
  • Geoffrey Allen, co-founder of Source Digital Systems, became a millionaire by the age of 25
  • Kathy Sanders used the strategies to further her career as a psychiatry instructor at Harvard Medical School

In fact, the thought-control method you'll discover in the Your Right to Be Rich system has turned more people into millionaires than any other concept in history. By following the precise system Napoleon Hill created, anyone can duplicate that mental control — and now YOU can use it to accomplish anything you set your mind on.

The whole world will open up to you once you learn to master the secrets of controlling your own thoughts. You will have the ability to achieve wealth, health, happiness, and all the true riches of life.

You'll gain full mastery over any skill you want to develop. You'll gain complete control over your career and finances. You'll develop a powerful personality that draws people to you.

All in all, you'll become more powerful, relaxed, confident, and in control, with total happiness, peace of mind, and more money and better relationships than you've ever had in your life.

Central to the Your Right to Be Rich system is the powerful force within you that, once you learn to control it, can make any goal, dream, or desire a reality. You will learn all about the raw power of thought and the most effective strategies for harnessing its power so you can get everything you've ever wanted from life.

By following the series of simple, proven, time-tested exercises in the system, you will fully integrate each lesson into your daily routine and, most importantly, into your personality, mindset, and attitude. Once you start applying these principles, something tangible will happen to you:

You’ll begin to see results IMMEDIATELY!

It's incredible, but undeniable. You'll notice the difference right away.

In that respect, Your Right to Be Rich is far more powerful and advanced than anything else Hill ever produced in his lifetime.

Apply this system and you'll quickly realize that you've taken charge. Your future will be yours to create according to your vision, not according to the whims of others. 

As you learn, you'll soon notice yourself integrating each step to joining the elite into your life.  An idea here, a moment of focus there, a new and stronger resolution to get ahead. 

Suddenly, as if by some strange power, you'll feel yourself getting ever closer to the life you always dreamed of.

This is not the product of a reporter's imagination. It's a proven system documented and compiled using some of the greatest minds the world has ever known.

So — no matter what the economic conditions, no matter how poor or rich your family background, no matter what obstacles you've faced — this system contains the universal principles that will lead you to extraordinary abundance in every area of your life. Once you fully absorb and apply the principles, your success is inevitable — 100% guaranteed!

Your Right to Be Rich: A COMPLETE SYSTEM for proven wealth acceleration!

At the heart of the Your Right to Be Rich system are 17 individual lessons on 10 CDs, plus two accompanying workbooks. Each lesson has exercises that are guaranteed to make you more purposeful, powerful, and productive. When you complete all the exercises, you are reinforcing the material and fully integrating it with your daily activities and personality.

Throughout these CDs, you'll hear Napoleon Hill speaking directly to you, as he challenges and drives you to realize your full potential. And when you follow through on what you've learned, you will realize more of your potential sooner than you ever thought you could.

Rather than just reading and listening to the material, you will be prompted to take action on it. To make your learning easier, you'll also receive flashcards that review the principles and remind you to take specific actions to apply them.

You'll learn:

  • Steps to help you discover what you want, create your goals and motivation, and achieve any objective you desire, no matter how impossible it appears. When you follow these steps, your subconscious takes over and your success becomes natural and inevitable.
  • Rulesthat show you exactly how to accomplish anything you want, even if you don't have the necessary skills or education.
  • How to formvaluable partnerships and alliances that allow you to take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of others.
  • Strategiesfor developing and sustaining a positive mental attitude. Nothing great was ever achieved without a positive mental attitude, yet people constantly underestimate and undermine its awesome power.
  • Proven secrets for creating and sustaining the drive and enthusiasm that will propel you toward unlimited success. As you trample over obstacles and break through barriers that try to hold you back, your hope, courage, and belief in yourself will constantly expand.
  • Four important actions you must take to translate your mental power into the exact physical outcomes you want to reach.
  • How to developthe self-discipline you need to always get what you want.
  • How to turnadversity and defeat into powerful advantages and opportunities for growth.
  • The three universal principlesresponsible for establishing habits, and what you must do to get those principles to bring you spectacular results — automatically.

Most importantly, you'll discover how you can control the most powerful force in the world — thought — so you can make all your dreams, desires, and goals a reality in less time than you ever thought possible.

Altogether, you'll have a comprehensive array of principles you can use to create the destiny you choose, regardless of your skills, background, or education. Nothing will be able to stop you from achieving every goal you set.

Each of the 17 lessons also contains an in-depth online quiz to help you assimilate the material you are learning. Your quizzes will be graded automatically, with the results sent directly back to you.

This powerful self-assessment tool is designed by the Napoleon Hill Foundation itself and will give you the best possible means by which to gauge your progress. These quizzes are tailor-made by the Hill Foundation to emphasize the most important aspects of Dr. Hill's teachings to have the greatest impact on your life.   

Also included in the Your Right to be Rich system is the 4-DVD series The Master Key to Success.Developed from rare archival film footage, this powerful DVD series explains and reinforces a success system that is virtually failproof. In 13 dynamic sessions, Dr. Hill will show you how you can use the exact same principles of success he discovered through analyzing the success of more than 500 of the 20th century's greatest achievers.

This DVD series will show you how to achieve all your goals with empowering consistency. You'll have the MASTER KEY to design your own destiny.

  1. Clement Stone, who was Dr. Hill's general manager and close personal friend, introduces each of the sessions, providing his own powerful insights. Greatly influenced as a young man by Napoleon Hill, Mr. Stone achieved one stunning success after another during  his lifetime. He was a world-renowned multimillionaire, philanthropist, civic leader, author, publisher, and 1981 Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

Whether you are striving for achievement in your career or your personal life, Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone will share with you the universal, proven philosophies that lead you directly to the source of all life's riches. You'll be handed the SINGLE KEY that swings the door to your greatest life wide open.

Viewing these sessions with Dr. Hill and W. Clement Stone together, you'll gain the insights you need to master your own life. Once you do, you will:     

  • Program your mindto achieve any goal you set, large or small, no matter how challenging
  • Be confidentin ALL your decision making – indecision and guessing will be a thing of the past
  • Cash inon the "blank check" of your financial dreams
  • Masterpowerful time-management skills
  • Transformsetbacks into stepping stones to greater success with one simple secret
  • Gainthe ability to significantly influence others
  • Developa sixth sense to discern potentially dangerous situations — raising your intuition and reasoning senses to incredible levels
  • Benefit from the single trait that separates you from everyone else in the world
  • Eliminateall limits in your life!

Less than 1% of the world knows about this elusive MASTER KEY capable of opening the door to your most far-reaching future. Napoleon Hill will hand the key right over to you immediately upon viewing. Whether on your computer screen or right in your living room, you'll have Napoleon Hill AND W. Clement Stone as part of your own personal mastermind group, motivating you firsthand.  

The Master Key to Success DVD series is the perfect complement to the Your Right to Be Rich system. Together, they will provide you with a working blueprint for prosperity in all aspects of your life!

And, as part of your complete system,you'll also receive the classic Think and Grow Rich book.This is the material that launched the careers and businesses of countless multimillionaires and respected entrepreneurs worldwide. Many attribute their success to discovering this powerful, timeless material.

Hardbound and with gilt-edged pages, this book will be your constant companion as you refer to it again and again through this life-changing journey, receiving inspiration each and every time. You'll proudly display this as part of your personal development library.     

You get all this plus much more in the Your Right to Be Rich system.

This system excels most when it comes to the daily application of the total-life system it teaches. More so than anything else Napoleon Hill ever produced, it successfully trains you to live and breathe the principles it puts forth and consistently apply them in your daily life.

In fact, this system is so powerful that elements of it are taught and fully endorsed by Purdue University and the University of Virginia!

I'm excited about what you can achieve with the Your Right to Be Rich system. When you apply it, you'll burn Dr. Hill's message more deeply into your consciousness. You'll create an unchanging, powerful faith in your ability to accomplish anything you desire. You'll become totally immune to the negative influences around you.

Few people ever start down the path you're on right now. Few people ever stop to think about exactly what they're going to do to rise above their limitations and create the ultimate future for themselves — a life filled with the security, freedom, and contentment that only the elite in the world can enjoy.

Fewer still follow through on that thought and take action to make it a reality. As a part of this group, you will have a future that is going to be truly remarkable from this day forward.

When you consider the vast possibilities of what you can accomplish with this system the final product of Napoleon Hill's lifetime of work…

When you consider the fact that you're about to get access to the brilliance of Carnegie, Edison, and many others…

When you consider how many millionaires and leaders this information has created and how the principles, when applied, will bring you extraordinary riches — it amounts to a rare opportunity — and a powerful one.

In fact, given how much you'll gain from this information— certainly financially, and in SO many other ways too, I really believe you can't afford NOT to order this system.

Do it today by clicking on the link below. It's a decision you'll never regret!




Gary Chappell
Napoleon Hill World Ambassador                                                                    

P.S. When you invest in the Your Right to Be Rich system and faithfully apply Napoleon Hill's teachings, I assure you that you will have the power to open any door, meet any challenge, overcome any obstacle, and join the ranks of the rich.