One way we sabotage ourselves

One way we sabotage ourselves

April 01, 2020

Adults ultimately mess up. The “animal” part of our species always pulls at us, trying to get us to behave in “animalistic” ways. Unfortunately, that “animal” is an ever-present force in our lives, for our entire life. So we must be vigilant in safeguarding ourselves against that influence . . . every single day!

Blame is one way we sabotage ourselves. Some people can’t forgive because they want to project blame. They want another to feel the pain they caused. It’s a no-win situation. There is never a benefit to blame, hate, anger, or prejudice. There is no payoff, no reward. It is self-limiting and can erode our quality of life. Especially when blame is directed at ourselves.

Letting go of blame, anger, hate, and prejudice raises your level of awareness. It helps you operate at a higher state of consciousness. It moves you well beyond the base animal instincts that are inherent in the human species. When you function at that higher level, everything in life works better.

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