June 03, 2020

April 03, 2016

My Pop, Gary, has worked in professional and personal development for years. He has an entrepreneurial mind and a passion for people. He’s been lucky to pursue both in his semi-retirement.

I’m his Dot (short for daughter), Catie. I’m not too far from the entrepreneurial and personal development world myself, working for a startup content marketing company and raised on motivational cassette tapes.

Almost a year ago, my Pop came to me with this beautiful idea. He had seen my handwriting and thought it would translate well to creating stick figures. 

He showed me a picture of the book's main character, someone we affectionately named Curly. Curly was sad, a question mark floating above his head. My dad explained what the scene meant and how it would play into the story. He asked if I'd be interested in working on the project with him. I knew nothing about illustrating, but the concept for Halos was so uplifting, I wanted to contribute what I could. 

Creating Halos took a lot of love, commitment, and patience.

My dad had a specific vision of how people would feel after finishing the book, and I think we met his goal. I believe this book can help anyone learn, regardless of language or age, how to live a life full of peace and happiness.

We’re so happy with the end result, and we hope you are, too!