How to develop the habits of success

June 04, 2020

Successful living demands you learn to control your thoughts and habits

If you want to make a noticeable change in your life then dedicate yourself to developing good habits.

No one is born with great habits, yet everyone can develop them. Successful people weren’t perfect on day one. They got that way out of HABIT and habits are built day by day.

It’s important to identify the bad habits that are sabotaging your efforts and replace them with the habits that can help you earn more money, advance your career, improve your business, improve your relationships, and feel happier and more fulfilled.

When others witness you replace bad habits with good ones, it gives them hope they can do the same for themselves. So, changing your habits doesn’t just help you, it helps and inspires those around you.

Confront your “preoccupations” and develop the habits that eliminate them. This is what makes way for accessing your own remarkable power. Here are a few examples of how “preoccupations” can damage your day:

1. You watch or hear news of a tragic event or political decision that you believe will harm others. Your mind immediately kicks into the mode of judgment, anger, and defensiveness. I’m certainly not suggesting it’s OK for these terrible things to happen. I’m simply pointing out how processing that information can end up wasting time and energy by whirling around in your mind for unnecessary periods of time. You’ll be much better prepared to counter such events by sticking to your goal of replacing bad habits with good ones. Once you do you’ll be far better suited to help when you come from a place of unshakable self-confidence than from fear and anger.

2. Someone makes a statement that you feel is critical of you or someone you care about. The same thing as above happens. Your mind spins with things you could have done differently or of how you might respond. It’s likely you’ll become defensive (keep in mind, when I say, “you” I really mean humans in general. This is a common issue all people share). Again, remain focused on your goal. You’ll be far better equipped to counter or ignore, such situations if you are coming from a place of self-confidence.

3. Try your very best to take time each morning to “center yourself.” Shut out the chatter of your brain and still your mind; from this place you’ll find inspiration and peace. Never wake up and start your day by looking at your phone for “social acknowledgment." Center yourself, first!

Finally, life has a funny way of delivering exactly what you expect. So expect great things for yourself.

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