Doors open when you clear your mind

May 25, 2015 1 Comment

Doors open when you clear your mind
Many years ago, several family members had gathered at my Mom’s house. My brother’s girlfriend, Lisa, was standing by a wall of plate glass windows overlooking the bay. It was quite a view, but it was also an extremely windy day.
She suddenly turned to walk into the kitchen and a split second later the glass shattered inward from the wind . . . and it wasn’t safety glass. It was sharp “knives” of glass that came crashing inward.
People were fussing about how Lisa could have been seriously hurt or killed. They were focusing on the horror of what could have happened.
I had another view about the situation. It made me ponder the possibility of an “inner voice of protection.” To me, the point was Lisa had moved safely out of the way. It seemed miraculous that she decided to move at that exact moment.
It made me recall several times when I had avoided serious harm because of similar spontaneous decisions. This is something I had observed many times prior to this incident and countless times since.
I am pretty sure we all share an innate ability to protect ourselves. I believe this because of observation, not blind faith. I believe there is an unseen mechanism at play within all of us.
This incident encouraged me to ponder and begin to trust that inner activity, that inner guidance, that protective intuition. I believe miraculous events happen around us all the time. We simply need to be observant enough to notice them.
There is no doubt that people find themselves in harm’s way often, sometimes with dire consequences. I don’t claim to know why some people are protected and others are not. Maybe it has to do with an attitude of being protected.
The bottom line is this:
Try to quiet your busy mind and find clarity every day. Make room for that “voice” to come through. I’ve counted on it many times and it has not only protected me, it has also opened doors of great opportunity. When I quiet my mind and “listen” I often get bursts of great creativity, ideas I turn into positive results.
Making room for that “voice” can be a source of creative ideas for you, too.
Here’s a great quote that might help motivate you to clear your mind of some of that unnecessary clutter:
Worry doesn’t take away today’s trouble, it takes away today’s peace.
Another thing that can clear that clutter is eliminating unnecessary judgment. This world seems full of things to judge, crazy drivers, bad news, gossip, the list is almost endless.
I’ve dedicated the last 25 years to try my best to eliminate judgment. The emotional and relationship payoff has been substantial.
When you judge someone else, it is you who carries the burden, not usually that other person, unless it’s someone close to you.
When it is someone close, people tend to project guilt back onto the person they are judging. There is never a payoff to guilt projection. Both people end up feeling worse.
Give up judgments. There is nothing good that ever comes out of them. It doesn’t mean you let things slide. If something needs to be changed then focus on how to make that change happen. Change takes creative problem-solving. Judgment and guilt projection won’t get the job done.
Clear your mind of judgment and you will clear your mind of unnecessary clutter. That, in turn, opens you to that wonderful inner intuition that will bring you, and those around you, wonderful rewards.
Napoleon Hill talks about “The Sixth Sense.” Reread or listen (if you have the audio version of Hill’s material) to that segment of his teachings. You will reinforce that intuitive ability in yourself when you do. The rewards will be astounding.
Envisioning Great Things For You,
Gary Chappell
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August 10, 2015

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