Great quotes from Shane Morand

March 18, 2015

Shane Morand understands goal achieving and success, he has been an enthusiastic student of Napoleon Hill’s principles since he was 19 years old. He became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a major printing firm in Ottawa, Canada at the age of 25 and assisted with and helped streamline the launching of the world’s first North American television network dedicated to success. Shane has worked directly with some of the industry’s most high-profile speakers and trainers including Anthony Robbins, ZigZiglar, Jim Rhon, Les Brown, Dr. Mark Victor Hansen.

In 2008 Shane teamed up with visionary Bernardo Chua and Co-Founded OrGano Gold International and has since become one of the fastest growing companies in the world."Going “the extra mile” when you are not getting paid to do so, giving much more than are are getting and doing so consistently and with persistence ultimately leads to being paid way more than you actually do.  It is a law of success."


"Making a DECISION of exactly what you want is a powerful skill that must be developed."


"When I was 19 years old I read the book THINK and GROW RICH. It was the book that completely changed my life forever….It was written in 1937 after Napoleon Hill interviewed over 500 Millionaires to determine why it was they were so successful…Think and Grow Rich is a success masterpiece and I have attempted to learn and apply the success principles that so many other millionaires have done. I will not go into all the principles but I my opinion, and the opinion of over 1 million millionaires this book has helped shape more successful people than any book in history besides the bible."


"Napoleon Hill helped shape my character, actions, habits and behaviors. I am forever grateful I had the courage to read it again and again and again…"


"There is no greater investment anyone can make than the investment of working hard on themselves.  Work hard on your belief in yourself!  Work hard on discovering your unlimited potential.  Work hard on developing the DIAMOND that has always been within you."


Shame Morane