Worst to First

Eric Todd Johnson has advised clients on billion-dollar business deals and conferred with Congress members to advance critical projects.  He has taught law school, clerked for a State Supreme Court justice, and advised his clients on how to overcome their most confrontational and challenging problems. 

In order to accomplish this, he first had to learn how to overcome obstacles himself.  As a housekeeper with dreams of becoming an attorney, he was rejected by every law school to which he applied because his grades were too low. 

His first lesson was about persistence. 

Once he learned to overcome his own shortcomings, he applied those lessons so effectively that he finally got accepted to the law school of his choice and literally leapt from worst-to-first in the competitive environments of law school. 

After 25 years, he shares keys lessons taught in law schools that any person and any business can employ to overcome their difficulties. 

If you want, Eric can be contacted at erictoddjohnson.com for speaking and training engagements, or for legal consultation.