Music Teacher's Master Class. Start a Rewarding New Career as a Private Piano Teacher

As the retired CEO of Nightingale Conant, I've had the honor and privilege of working with some of the most influential authors in the field of personal development, people like Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins,  Bob Proctor, and so many others. Each of them had invaluable information to offer.
I met Jill Backus several years ago and was impressed by the unique system she engineered for dramatically increasing the income of a private music teacher. Like the men I listed above, Jill has a lot of great ideas that can benefit others.
I'm a hobby drummer and was drawn to her approach. I liked it so much, I decided to publish it so others can take advantage of the vast knowledge she has to offer in this new program. I encourage you to hit the "play" button below and listen to Jill talk about her program, then read on to learn more. Share this page with fellow musicians you know who would make great music teachers. 
Gary Chappell

If you have piano skills, then you could be earning $70,000 a year as a private music teacher

This proven approach for earning top dollar as a private music instructor details every step you need to take to build your own lucrative tutoring business


Our Money Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with this life-changing program, you will get 100% of your money back (see below for details). 


    Introducing . . .

    The Jill Backus Music Teacher's Master Class 

    How to make $70,000 a year, or more, teaching music


    Necessity is the mother of invention . . . 

    Like far too many Americans, Jill started working in corporate America twenty years ago but was frustrated with the lack of opportunity to move up in the organization. She was locked into a job she didn't like and that offered few rewards.

    She finally decided to strike out on her own flipping houses. But to do that, she needed to pay bills with a part-time job. She did have a music performance and business degree and thought she could become a private music teacher. She didn’t let the fact that she never took a music pedagogy class hold her back.

    The result is a proven step by step process you can start using right now to build your own successful business

    Like a laboratory scientist, Jill has spent the past twenty years developing, honing, and perfecting a unique money-making approach to teaching private piano lessons.  Now those years of expertise have been distilled into a digital download audio/ebook program that will teach you all you need to start your own successful business as a private music teacher.

    You’ll learn:

    • The simple steps of acquiring new students
    • Why you never have to pay for ads to grow your business
    • To develop a diversified network that drives business to you
    • How to find different venues for teaching your students, some of them free!
    • How Jill’s “magic” iron-clad contract (included with the program) guarantees you a secure income stream for years to come. It even ensures you'll be paid for missed lessons! 
    • How you can give yourself regular raises
    • How to manage your relationships with both `parents and kids
    • What music books to get for your students and how to create a book fund to generate extra revenue
    • All about “Lead Sheets”
    • How to retain your students for years and years
    • And much more!

    Your digital package includes:

    1. 28 Audio sessions you can listen to and learn from as you commute or work around your house. Where else can you learn all of the ins and outs of a new business without taking away from your already busy schedule? 
    2. A 105 page comprehensive PDF workbook that gives you a powerful reference tool.
    3. Several downloadable teaching tools that help students quickly grasp music theory and application.