Now you can earn $70,000 a year
as a private piano teacher

 Almost everyone appreciates music and wishes they could play an instrument. If you know your way around a keyboard, you can help them realize their dream and get paid doing it!

How she tripled her income by revolutionizing the process of teaching piano 

Jill Backus had a corporate job that she didn’t enjoy, making only $24k a year. She had a passion for music and had a decent understanding of the piano. She had dreamed of making a living through music and finally made the leap to starting her own business as a private piano teacher.

By the end of her first year, she was making over DOUBLE what she was making in her corporate job. And by the end of her 2nd year, she was making $70,000 a year.

Now, was it easy? Absolutely not! She had to shatter the traditional approach to teaching music (the way it’s still done almost everywhere today) and figure out a completely new approach by herself.

She was living her dream, running a thriving private studio, when she met her future husband. He convinced her to marry him and move to another city in a completely different state. She decided to sell the studio and make the move.

And there she was again at square one. Knowing no one, she used the same methods she used to build her first thriving business and, within a year, she had another prosperous piano teaching business making over $70,000.

Now you can start a lucrative business using Jill's proven method 

Mr. Gary Chappell, the former CEO of the world's most respected "HOW TO" company, Nightingale-Conant, discovered Jill's system and convinced her to let him turn it into a "How To" online course.

Now, Jill's proprietary approach is accessible to musicians around the world . . . an approach you can implement immediately.

As an musician himself, Mr. Chappell quickly realized Jill’s approach was something unique, powerful, and helpful. 

He understood musicians could benefit from Jill’s patented system by showing them how to build their own successful business, doing something they love, while being in control of their own time and income.

Introducing the Jill Backus Music Teacher's Master Class

Do you believe you have to spend a ton of money putting up fliers, advertising in the newspaper or on websites, or even do complicated social media ads to get students?

You don’t!  

If you decide to try this proven approach to teaching music, you risk absolutely nothing! If for any reason you don’t feel the program is worth ten times its cost, you can get 100% of your purchase price back, no questions asked, for up to ONE FULL YEAR!

Here are just some of the things you will learn once you get the Jill Backus Music Teacher's Master Class:

  • How to find your first students and start earning money in your spare time.
  • Or, how to dive in full-time, and make up to $1,300+ every week.
  • One subtle but powerful method to attract students at no cost
  • What to do if you’re starting with NOTHING
  • The secret that get clients to happily pay premium lesson prices from the start
  • How to get paid even when a student misses a lesson
  • How to talk to parents so they bring their child back year after year
  • Learn to recognize in advance the red flags of the private music teaching business that can cost you thousands of dollars
  • How to use secrets from the corporate world to build a thriving private teaching business. (Most private music teachers make very little money -- instead, you can use this method to ethically double your income
  • How to manage client’s expectations in a way that makes them excited to learn and advance their piano skills
  • How to organize and schedule lessons to make maximum money with minimal hours out of your day
  • Learn comprehensive pedagogy lessons to become a confident teacher, from beginner teaching methods to advanced
  • How to establish yourself as THE local powerhouse piano teacher
  • Learn the step-by-step system of properly hosting a recital (even a digital one) that will boost your credibility as a teacher and attract students to you
  • Why teaching from your home allows you to actually charge more (while making life easier for you)
  • The truth behind why most private music teachers barely make enough to pay mortgage or rent and how you can avoid that trap
  • How to differentiate yourself from other private music teachers and show how you're an infinitely better option than DIY instrument learning apps
  • How to free yourself from having third party lesson fees scalped and keep 100% of your earnings
  • What NEVER to do when planning recitals
  • The simple method that makes an entertaining event and impresses parents to keep them happily paying for lessons
  • What NEVER to say once you’ve committed to being a private piano teacher
  • The 14 MUST-HAVE books to have on your shelf that you can recommend
  • The sorta sneaky, but fun, ways to get even shy students to learn. (HINT: Parties, games, and peer pressure at it’s best!)
  • PLUS tons of additional lesson tips, tricks, and tools so you’re never caught without material for any level of student.

Getting students is hard because Big Box Music stores offer lessons cheaper, right?


There’s a status boosting reason doctors and lawyers want to send their kids to private music teachers and not big box stores. You’ll learn how to get these students from parents who are willing to pay top dollar.  

Now, if you're ready to ...

  • Become a private music teacher
  • Be your own boss
  • Work within a schedule you choose
  • Earn a comfortable living
  • Do what you love every day
  • Skip all the hard steps because Jill spent years
         figuring-it-out for you, then ...

... this Master Class is your short cut to a lucrative new career

Don’t wait another day. Get started with a career you love by ordering this program now. And don’t forget, you get every cent you spend back if it doesn’t deliver everything we promise.

The Step-By-Step Guide To Making $70,000 Per Year Teaching Music.


28 Audio sessions-Listen and learn as you work around the house or commute.
($249 Value)

This is the core part of your program. Jill walks  you through the process of setting up your new business, where you find clients, how to get them legally committed to paying you on time for a fixed term, how to set up recitals, how to get student returning year of after year . . . the complete A through Z system for starting and running your new business.

“The Da Capo Contract” - Contract & Policy Guide
$79 Retail Value)

You get the 2 most vital documents that get clients to happily pay premium lesson prices.  Never miss a payment. Rest assured that satisfied students will maintain lessons for years, (ensuring you make a sustainable income.

20-years in the making, this unique Contract & Student Policy Guide is foundational to doubling the average income of a private music teacher.

These documents alone are  vital to your success, whether you’re just starting out, or an established teacher looking to earn more.

Complete Private Music Teaching eBook Learners Guide
($59 Retail Value)

No stone  is left unturned in this guided workbook, taking you from getting your first lesson payment, to making $70,000 a year.

A copy of the Contract & Policy Guide above has been included in this edition.

Everything is covered from forming your own contract & policy, teaching techniques, up to advanced teaching - recitals, parties, contests, and more!

Total Retail Value: $387.00


More accessible for soon-to-be teachers, and established teachers alike.  These products can be downloaded right now!

Jill wants you to be as successful in your private music teaching business as soon as possible. So she insisted we combine all of these into one low bundled price that costs less than many sheet music books.

Yours Today for Only $49.95! And don't forget,  you have a full one year money back guarantee!

Jill's F.A.Q.

Q - Are you really a piano teacher?
A - Yup! I teach in Columbia, Missouri

Q - I’m a guitar player, does this work for non-piano players?
A - Yes! I’m a piano player so it’s based off that experience. However the same principles could apply for any instrument.

Q - Do sales from this count towards this $70,000 a year claim?
A - Great question. $70k/yr is only from teaching piano students. This is no pyramid scheme where I teach you to teach others how to teach piano! :)

Q - How long did it take you to make $70,000 a year?
A - By the end of my first year, I made $60,000. By the end of my second year I made $70k+.

Q - Do I need a private studio space to be professional?
A - Nope! All you need is a piano, keyboard, or the instrument of your choice, if you are planning to teach another instrument!

Q - How quickly can I get started?
A - You can order right now and once you apply my system, you could have a thriving studio within months.

Q - Is there a money back guarantee?
A - Absolutely! One Full Year, no questions policy. 

Jill Backus has partnered with Gary Chappell of Gary is the retired CEO of Nightingale-Conant publishing company and works with aspiring and talented entrepreneurs to bring their wonderful value to people around the world. You can contact us at

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