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Eric Jackier can help you become a leader who inspires others to perform at their very best.

Rise in the ranks by learning  the leadership skills that will launch you to new heights in your profession . . . Others will want to follow you because you have learned how to  effectively inspire and motivate them. 

For a small investment now, you'll get answers to these questions:

- How do I determine what matters for my business?

- How can I create time to focus on these areas?

- How do I create the “Perfect To Do” list?

- How do I know if I am organizing my time effectively?

- What do I focus on to help guarantee I'm doing the 
   most important things?

- What is the secret to “batching” tasks to exponentially
   increase my productivity?

    Eric's Mentors

    Brian Tracy

    Jack Canfield

    John Maxwell

    Isn't it time you got started on a career path that will work for you?

    Begin Your Leadership Journey Today By Ordering Eric Jackier's Daily Challenges of Leadership E-Course

    The Daily Challenges Leadership E-Course is made up of 12 Video modules and One PDF Guidebook. Below are six of the modules.

    Make your time matter

    In this module, you'll learn not to be distracted with the things that rob your time. There are only 24 hours in a day, so make each hour count!

    Uncover your unique strengths

    Find out the areas where you can put your greatest strengths to work for you. You'll go through exercises that will likely help you uncover hidden ones.

    How to get organized

    Proper organization is key to becoming the leader you want to be. This module will help you understand what is important and what you can set aside.

    Avoid timewasing distractions

    Being a leader requires we don't get caught off guard by the "little" things that show up for all of us. This module will help you develope an eye for avoiding those pitfalls.

    Recharge your brain

    Work can be draining. This module helps you develop the secrets to recharging your mind and body. You'll gain insights that will help you perform at a higher level. 

    The keys that will guide your way

    This module helps you understand the three keys all leaders share to help them perform at the top of their game. This final review module will help you 

    “Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, and John Wooden each have one thing in common … Eric Jackier!”

    Eric is professionally trained and a certified speaker, trainer, and coach [taught by the legends above]. Eric Teaches leadership and mentoring at the highest level by studying the great leaders of history, business, and sports — past and present.

    Eric's Certifications

    Certified Executive Coach (Center for Executive Coaching)

    Certified Coach John R. Wooden Pyramid of Success

    Certified Life Coach (Coach Training Alliance)

    Certified Success Principles Coach- Jack Canfield

    Mentor-Path Certified Coach

    Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation)