Empower yourself with this simple life-changing commitment

Commitment, follow through, and accountability are qualities all successful people share. They follow through on the commitments they make to reach their goals.

Before you get started down your road to success, you have to separate the past from the present. Make the commitment now to keep all past negative thoughts from impeding your progress. Vow to yourself that you will not hang on to any past disappointments.

Decide that hanging on to past judgments, failures, fears, preconceived notions, and self-doubt have no place in your life any more. They are old useless thoughts that will no longer hold you back from becoming an empowered and successful individual.

Download, print, then sign the Commitment to yourself form. Keep it where you can see it as a daily reminder and commitment of your determination to succeed.

This step alone, when faithfully adhered to, will elevate your happiness and capabilities to remarkable new levels.

It's a powerful reinforcement that will help you stay on track and devoted to fulfilling your goal of becoming financially secure, fulfilled, and happy.

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